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The Last Gnome is the thirty-fifth episode of PopPixie.



A talisman that can turn all the Gnomes into stone falls down from the sky. The object winds up with the Elves, who petrify the Gnomes to rob them.


By a bizarre case of fate, a powerful Talisman arrives in Pixieville from the sky that can turn all Gnomes into stone! As if that was not enough, the terrible object ends up in the hands of the Elves, who intend to use it to petrify the Gnomes of the city and rob them. All Gnomes are prey to the Talisman... all of them? Not really, as an ancient Pixieville legend says that only a Gnome with a pure heart (an exception being that all Gnomes are greedy and tied to money) can break the magic of the Talisman: this Gnome is Ronf, the sleepy Gnome. It will be he, with the help of the Pixies, who will save Pixievile from the umpteenth threat.[1]


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  • Fixit and Plasto do a duo PopPixie transformation in this episode.
    • During his sequence with Fixit, Plasto is hinted that he can transform without his MagicPop.
    • This also marks an all-male transformation in the series.


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