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The Elves' Underground Assault is the thirty-sixth episode of PopPixie.



Rex and his gang of Elves plot to use the ravenous molesaurs to reach a bank vault. But the scheme causes many sinkholes throughout Pixieville.


Rex and his band of Elves want to rob the bank of Pixieville and this time they think they can do it with a powerful invocation spell: they will call the ravenous Molesaurs from underground, creatures which under their orders will dig a hole right under the bank, thus avoiding all Mister Grind's traps. But the plan does not go exactly as Rex had thought: first the Elves are sucked into the Pixieville underground by a hole dug by the Molesaurs, then the creatures, not finding the bank, fill the city with holes, causing many other buildings to sink. Caramel and Martino will also be swallowed along with all the Molly Moo, and it will be up to their friends Pixie to bring them back to the surface.[1]


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  • This marks the fourth time a PopPixie transformation sequence is seen twice in a row with Plasto, albeit a sequence error with Morpho's.
  • Caramel and Martino do a duo PopPixie transformation for the first time in this episode since they failed to do so in the pilot episode.


  • When Plasto transforms, Morpho's transformation sequence is seen instead.


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