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MagicPops in Danger is the thirty-seventh episode of PopPixie.



Sinia, a female Elf, can appear as a very beautiful Pixie thanks to the MagicPops' dust, and is constantly stealing MagicPops to reiterate the spell.


Sinia has arrived in the city, an Elf who, through a spell, can transform into a beautiful Pixie. Sinia's goal is to steal the MagicPop, thanks to dust of which she is able to reiterate the spell. Through a powerful mascara, Sinia manages to charm and hypnotize the Pixies to rob them. Martino is the first to be ensnared, but Fixit, Plasto and Morpho also fall into Sinia's trap. Unaware of her true nature, the Pixies compete to win the Elf's heart. It will be Caramel, Amore, Chatta and Lockette who unmask Sinia, saving their friends and their precious MagicPop of her from her clutches.[1]


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  • Even though he did not have a MagicPop, Justin was seen giving Martino's to Sinia.
  • This marks the fifth and final time a PopPixie transformation is seen twice in a row with Martino.
    • The fourth was Plasto's (Episodes 35 and 36, the latter despite being mistakenly replaced by Morpho's).
    • The third was Livy's (Episodes 26 and 27).
    • The second was Lockette's (Episodes 22 and 23).
    • The first was Fixit's (Episodes 15 and 16).
  • This marks the last time Lockette transforms.


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