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The Lilliputian Pixies is the fortieth episode of PopPixie.



The Elves cast a spell that miniaturizes the Pixies, the Gnomes and the Animals. The Pixies, because of their new size, cannot use their MagicPops.


Rex and his gang cast a powerful spell on Pixieville that miniaturizes the Pixies, Gnomes and Animals. The Elves raid the city and lock the inhabitants in cages, then elect Pixie Plaza as their headquarters and move there with the stolen goods and hostages. The Pixies, due to their new tiny size, are unable to use their MagicPops, so Ninfea, from her cage, shows them the only way to break the spell: find the Grufus, a grumpy wild animal similar to a wild boar and use a hair of its coat to create the counter-position. The Pixies are divided into two groups: Lockette, Chatta, Caramel and Cherie will stay at the Plaza to free the prisoners, while Amore, Pam, Martino and Plasto will go in search of the Grufus. Eventually our heroes will be able to restore Pixieville to its "normal" size![1]


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  • This episode has no PopPixie transformation.
    • This cites the episode's main plot.


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