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Caramel's Sugary Cupcakes is the forty-fifth episode of PopPixie.



Pixieville's dentist cast a spell on Caramel's new recipe, transforming Caramel, Cherie, Chatta, Lockette and Amore into sugar-hungry monsters.


Caramel has baked some very sweet and sugary cupcakes that she is offering for free around to promote her new recipe. Dr. Boxen, the die-hard Pixieville dentist, is on a war footing in his grueling anti-sugar campaign and so ponders a plan to take revenge on Caramel and publicly show the public the harmful effects of sugary cupcakes. Boxen goes to Molly Moo and casts a spell on some cupcakes that Caramel and her Pixie friends eat to celebrate: the Pixies temporarily transform into sugar-eating monsters that wreak havoc on Pixieville. Whenever Caramel and the Pixies eat a treat, they will transform into uncontrolled monsters again, not remembering that they have undergone the transformation. Ultimately, it is up to Ninfea to restore the Pixies to their original nature and punish Boxen for putting the Pixies and the city in danger.[1]


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