The PopPixie Opening Theme Song is the opening theme song for the series; PopPixie.


You say you had such a bad day
You wish your life was different
Stop (stop)
Forget about your trouble
Take a look in the mirror
Where is the dreamer I used to know?
I'm here to remind you of who you are (who you are)
Discover new dimensions, magical power (magical power)
Let's have a lot of fun today
A hero lies inside your heart
Come on, so let it take you higher

Everything's beautiful when you believe in magic
Give me your biggest smile, together we can make it now
You are special, no matter what they tell you
Life can be wonderful and I am here to show you
I'll teach how to fly and all your dreams will come true today
Trust in who you are and everything will change

Sù giù senza sosta, qui la vita e'
Una giostra ma ci si può divertire
Qui non c'é mai niente di normale
Sento che c'é un'incontrollabile allegria
Dal cuore di questa città
Il ritmo batte forte
Canta hippy hip urrà, la vita e' un girotondo
Cosa succederà piccole pixie, adesso?
Vai, tocca te però non combinare guai



Pop Pixie Full Opening (English)

Pop Pixie Full Opening (English)


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