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Porfidia is a character who only appears within the Winx Club Comic Series where she makes her debut in Issue 138: The Stone Forest.


She has long blonde hair, fair skin, dark blue eyes, and pink lips. She wears red war like paint under her eyes. She also wears a blue helmet with horns at the sides. She has long red nails, and wears blue armbands and boots with a heel. She wears an armored chest-plate, with should pads, and wears a red jeweled necklace.  


Porfidia has a deep hatred for fairies, being the leader of a war against them. She can also be very cocky as she is very proud of her powers, and has been said to be very strong. She has no problems with possessing someone if it means a way for her to be free.  


Porfidia fighting as a soldier of an army of dark magic users.

In Magix's ancient past, a war was waged between the Fairies of Alfea and an army of dark magic users like witches and wizards in a nearby forest. Amongst that dark army was Porfidia, who proved to be a fearsome foe for the Alfea Fairies. Even after these dark forces were defeated, their hexes had poisoned the air within the surrounding forests and transformed it into a desert of stone.


Season 7

Magical abilities

Porfidia gathering her powers.

Like all witches she most likely knows basic first-level spells such as, telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. 

Uses of Magic

  • "Ancient Power of Darkness, come to me!!!" - Used to give her more power.


  • Porfidia's name might be derived from the Italian word "perfidia," which is the Italian word for perfidy, which is a deliberate breach of trust.
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