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The Prime Stars are seven magical items which appear in Season 8.


The Prime Stars are seven pieces of the Wishing Star. When the Wishing Star splits her essence, she becomes split into seven Prime Stars while her essence remains in the Star Case, and the Prime Stars must be inserted into the Star Case to make the Wishing Star take form again[1]. The case gives the Winx riddles to find each star.


True to their name, the Prime Stars are small star-shaped gems. Their colors vary from red to purple.


Star of Teamwork

The first Prime Star is near, and you'll find it here. There will be tests and traps before you are done. Remember, you can reach your goal all alone, or reach the stars joined as one.

Star of Confidence

The next star rests on Solaria. It's easy to be seen, but to get it, you must be wearing the confidence of a queen.

Star of Trust

Winx, the third Prime Star waits on Monoceros. Not far. Look beyond the clouds and higher you'll find the trust you desire.

Star of Focus

In the great forest of Lynphea, your next challenge is ahead. But use your head, or the star forevermore will lie in a flower bed.

Star of Harmony

On the world of music, rough and soothing combine artfully. And that perfect sound will yield the star of harmony.

Star of Balance

Winx, the sixth Prime Star is on Coralya. If you want to take the star without a fight, find the place of symmetry between shadow and light.

Star of Sisterly Love

What you seek is a world frozen and battered, the place where an ancient bond was shattered. This round is called Dyamond, to be precise, covered with crystal and mysterious ice. There, you will find the seventh star you've awaited, follow the secret of a sister separated.

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Season 8

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In "The Sparx Festival", the first star, the Star of Teamwork was attained by the Winx, after they united six spheres together.

The Star of Confidence was part of a competition between Stella and Stormy, but Stella's lack of confidence gave Stormy the upper hand who eventually won the star.

Bloom catches the Star of Trust in "Tower Beyond the Clouds", after she trusted Sky to take care of himself.

In "The Green Heart of Lynphea", the Star of Focus was recovered by Darcy, after she pretended to be Flora's sister Miele.

Musa got the Star of Harmony in "The Secret of Harmony", after she and Riven put aside their differences and played the harmony harp together.

The Star of Balance is stolen by Valtor in "Between the Earth and the Sea", after Tecna and Aisha solved the riddle.

Icy was rewarded the Star of Sisterly Love in "The White Fox", after choosing to save her sister, instead of getting the star.


  • The Prime Stars have similarities to the gems from the Sirenix Box from Season 5:
    • It is necessary to insert both of them into the ends of magical artifacts.
    • The quest to find them both at least partly takes place in the Winx’s homeworlds.
    • The Winx also have to solve riddles to find the objects.
    • The Winx also must pass challenges representing a certain virtue to obtain the respective object.
  • They may be called 'prime stars' because the amount of stars there are, seven which is a prime number.