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The Quillcats is a species of Fairy Animal which appear in Season 7.


The Quillcats used to live in the Middle Ages in Italy. The people of those times tried to capture them, as they exhibited magic powers, which people were not accustomed to as magic was still absent on Earth. Brafilius and Kalshara thought that it could be the Fairy Animal with the Ultimate Power, which later turned out to be wrong.


Season 7

In "Back in the Middle Ages", Roxy tells the Winx that the Quillcat is in danger and Brafilius is trying to abduct it. The Winx traveled back in time using their Stones of Memories to save the animal from Brafilius. Along the way, they met a minsrel named Orlando, who knew how to summon the Quillcat.

In "The Fairy Cat", after finding the Quillcat, Brafilius summons the water monsters to destroy the Winx and get the Quillcat, but luckily, Flora manages to defeat the monsters by using her special Butterflix Power. Then, Musa stops Brafilius from abducting the Quillcat by using her special Butterflix Power. Musa bonds with the animal and names it Critty.

Magical Abilities

The Quillcats are aggressive if they feel threatened. Once they feel threatened, they will shoot sharp quills toward the target.


  • The name "Quillcat" is a blend of "quill" and "cat".
  • So far, Critty is the only Quillcat to be shown in the series.
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