Red Fountain Dragons2
The Red Fountain Dragon is a species of dragons used by the Specialists who study at Red Fountain.


The Red Fountain dragons are reptilian creatures. Their bodies are slim, almost serpentine. They have white scaly skin and their eyes are red. They have a pair of colorful wings and a scaly crest of a paler shade of their wings' colors on their backs.



The dragons were first mentioned in "Date with Disaster", as Codatorta told Brandon and Sky to the say goodbye to the Winx as they needed to learn how to ride them.

One of the dragons were mentioned again when Sky and Bloom were out together, Sky told Bloom that he fell of it several times but finally got the hang of it.

The dragons make their first official appearance in "Secrets Within Secrets", they were used for the dragon demonstration during the exhibition. Riven and Sky had pinned their dragons against each other because of their feud, though they were eventually stopped by Codatorta.


Winx Club

IMG 4200

Bloom blasting the dragon back into its pen.

The dragon escapes its pen and crashes through the wall. Musa instructs Bloom to blast it back into its pen with magic, and she will put it to sleep. Bloom does so and Musa summons a flute. Her music puts the dragon to sleep.

Magical Abilities

Red Fountain dragons can fly and breath fire.

In Season 1, Sky and Riven appear to be controlling their dragons telepathically to do their bidding and it might be possible that dragons have a magical bond with the Specialists that ride them.

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