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Rhodos is Alyssa's husband and Flora and Miele's father. He first appears in the episode "Adventure on Lynphea."


He has light brown hair, mustache, and beard and grey eyes. He wears a mainly light green shirt with a yellow collar. The shoulder and torso part of the shirt is blue and the yellow goes down from the collar in thimble of the shirt to the blue belt. Green leaves decorate the collar from the outside and inside. He also has three blue potion holders on each side of his shirt. He wears gloves with green and blue leaves.


He is humorous. As mentioned by Alyssa, he likes to make jokes. He has also shown a compassionate and caring side for the Magiwolves under his care. He is also helpful and speaks with sincerity and genuine concern when his help is required.


Season 7

In "Adventure on Lynphea," after arriving on Linphea, the Winx find Flora's parents treating the Magiwolves that were poisoned by Mutant Fungi's spores, in a dark forest area. Before the Winx venture out to the Linphea forest, Flora's parents gives Flora, a capsule containing the magical orchid seeds to protect them from the fungi.

In "Beware of the Wolf," he is seen when Miele was telling about their battle against the Mutant Fungi and he later frets about Amarok dropping his potion and equipments.


#160: A Dive on Lynphea

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  • The name "Rhodos" is derived from the name of the shrubs rhododendron.
    • It is also the Greek word for "rose".
  • His physical appearance is similar to that of Mike.
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