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Riven is the stubborn maverick of the Specialists and is Musa's love interest.


Riven has short spiked magenta colored hair and violet eyes, and a slight tan complexion.


  • In Season 1, Riven wears a white muscle midriff shirt with maroon pants and matching sneakers.
  • In Season 2 and 3, he wears a British flag-inspired muscle shirt, boot cut jeans with two black belts crossed over each other and black shoes. On his wrists, he wears a pair of gray wristbands.
  • In Season 4 and 5, his outfit consists of a blue shirt and a white collared vest, purple pants with a white belt, and brown shoes that have white soles.
  • In Season 8, he wears a long sleeved, white button-up dresss shirt. He wears a black jacket with gold shoulder pads and ring detailing. He wears simple denim jeans with Black army style boots with black laces and white soles. He also has a purple poka-dot scarf.


Riven wears a bodysuit with a magenta gem. The uniform had a cape that was omitted in Season 8; the standard uniform was completely upgraded and is now purple in colour


Riven tends to be a bit of a lone wolf. He is very competitive, easily prone to jealousy and oftentimes aggression, and has an aptitude for sports and physical combat. Riven often puts up a cold front and has trouble expressing his emotions. He grew up alone, so he lives for himself according to his own rules. His mother abandoned him at birth which caused him to be wary of women in general.

Riven frequently doubts himself and is particularly sensitive to what people think of him which led him to question whom are his true friends. He is also easily affected when people laugh or humiliate him. Shown when Bloom dumped water on him and made him a laughing stock.

Some characters see him as a daredevil, clever, likes a challenge and touchy.

As time goes on, Riven becomes more compassionate and relaxed, no longer taking his friends jokes too seriously (even making ones himself), especially after the events of season 4. He also smiles a lot more but still has a tendency to be hotheaded and overly jealous. He can also be a bit silly which is seen when he happily hums to a song he was listening too.

Riven does have a conscience, though it can often be blinded by anger and misunderstandings, which are the two factors that lead his justifications and actions. However, he does learn from his mistakes and is willing to accept them, which is shown in the episode "Storming Cloud Tower," in which he defends himself from his monster-self, claiming that even he "has a heart". This statement is proven in "Morgana's Secrets", after the death of Nabu, Riven goes to a quiet place away from the others and cries for the loss of his friend. In Season 5, it seems that Riven is much more relaxed, happy and less angry overall, however, all this progress goes out the window in Season 6, as he returns to his previous competitive state.

It is shown in the comics that Riven is extremely protective of his friends, going so far as to remain secretive of a dangerous mission for fear of their safety. Because of this, he unintentionally hurts the people who love him. Even so, he is willing to risk that in favor of their well being. This is also shown in the series as well. In season 3, though his main reason in confronting Nabu was about stealing Musa (a misunderstanding), Riven, without hesitation says "nobody takes down my buddies!" in a threatening tone. And in season 6, Riven's sudden return to his competitiveness and constant training was, in fact, to make sure he was strong enough to protect Musa. But when he sees that his training was not enough to protect her, he decides to venture out to continue his training showing his determination. This compassion towards others is not solely limited to friends, as he was extremely unwilling to leave Griffin and her students behind while they were imprisoned in their school's dungeon during the Trix's ongoing invasion in season 1. Even though the Army of Darkness's scrapers would have surely recaptured him, he did not budge until Griffin reasoned with him. And once he snuck back into Cloud Tower with his friends, she was the first thing he had thought of and went to release her with Brandon.

In comparison to Brandon, Riven is much more straightforward and blunt. He is very realistic and will be vocal about his opinions; this is seen when the Winx were heading to Eraklyon to get an explanation from Sky for his sudden decision in marrying Diaspro. He reminds the girls that you cannot force someone to love you nor receive an explanation. He also tried to knock some sense into Timmy when Tecna disappeared into the Omega Portal even if it was hard for the latter to hear it. Nonetheless, he hears Timmy out when he says he is still able to sense Tecna's magical vibe (indicating she is alive) and quietly comforts him.


In Fairy Insider, he is mentioned to be hard to get to know, great at sports and cool, yet sometimes with a "crummy," unpleasant, attitude.

In Perle, his image can be seen in the end but he is not mentioned.


Riven's Phantoblade.png

Riven is an excellent swordsman, wielding a scimitar-styled purple phantoblade and a bolas. He is also very good at dragon wrangling and is a very skilled thief and lock picker. This bit of knowledge served him well when he was trapped in the dungeons of Cloud Tower by the Trix as Riven picked the lock that had been put on his cell door to free himself. Riven seems to be the most knowledgeable in stealth and strategic planning. He is shown to be observant, adaptable and capable in constructing makeshift weapons. He also seems to use smoke bombs often.

He knows how to snowboard and his athleticism is on par with Sky but falls a bit short in comparison to Aisha. In Season 6, he is quite agile as he was seen scaling the walls of Aisha's gym (during a sparring session with Sky) to retrieve his fencing sword Sky had knocked out of his hands.


In Season 8, he utilizes another new weapon - a pair of nunchakus (karate sticks). The nunchaku can be used as both offensive and defensive weapons. Offensively, it is used to strike and whirling it makes the hard handles into a blunt force. The chains can be used wrap around something (e.g. a weapon) to disarm it or immobilize it. The handles can also be combined in single sticks and then combined further to make a four-stick projectile weapon.

Alongside fighting skills, Riven knows how to play the Chinese zither.


  • Riven's name might have come from:
    • Rivendell, which is a place featured in the The Lord of the Rings books of J.R.R. Tolkien, since it seems that many alphabets, characters, names, objects and places in the Winx Club universe were inspired from Tolkien's fictional universe. It was one of the last outposts of the Elves in Middle-Earth and where the lord Elrond resides. Rivendell itself is the English/Old English translation of Sindarin Elvish Imladris, meaning "Deep Valley of the Cleft".
    • The Old English word Riven which means "to be torn in half".


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  • Riven is also the name of a video game and a female character in League of Legends.
  • Riven makes a resemblance to Jin Kazama from the Tekken series.
  • His hairstyle may be inspired by Odd Della Robbia from Code Lyoko. Although it's not confirmed, their hairstyles look exactly the same but they have different hair colors.


  • Riven's 4Kids voice actor (Michael Sinterklass) and Nickelodeon voice actor (Sam Riegel) both worked together in the 2003 version of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".
  • Similar to Sky, Riven has been manipulated multiple times, and dated an antagonist.
  • Riven's voice actor also voices Rumpelstiltskin and Acheron in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • On the official Winx Club website (2007), it is mentioned that Riven is a very good thief.