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Robinson is a PopPixie character.


Robinson's Civilian Outfit

With strawberry blond hair, white skin and dark green eyes, Robinson wears a Nature Ranger clothe with green hat, beige shirt with pockets, light green pants/shorts with a brown belt and brown boots with long socks.


Robinson appears as the forester and a ranger in Pixieville. Because so, he has skills for camping and survival. He also has a lot of knowledge about the nature.

Around Amore Robinson is shy and romantic to the point of bringing flowers for their first date.



Amore and Robinson

In A Pixie Fish is revealed that he and Amore like each other for a long time but were too shy or too scared to say anything, when Robinson finally asked her to go on a date with him, he accidentally calls her to go swimming in the colored waters of the Seven Streams without knowing she could not swim. He even brings flowers for the date, but when he goes to rescue her he hits his head on the stream floor ending up being the one who was saved.


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