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Mr. Rollo is a character from PopPixie.


Despite his elegance and pompous tone, Mr. Rollo is a portrait of anxiety; the hotel manager runs continuously from one corner to another of the hotel trying to resolve problems, supervising and giving orders.

Any upset throws Rollo into sheer desperation and he immediately sees himself as ruined; fortunately for him he has Lockette who each and every time does her utmost to save the day. Rollo show his gratitude to Lockette not by putting up her salary but by giving her new duties, telling her that these duties are a great honor, medals of which to be proud. Rollo is mean to the monkey who he considers to be of no importance and often hurts his feelings.

To save cost, Rollo has reduced his staff to a minimum and has to run the hotel with its many clients together with his two employees Lockette and Guzman. Rollo always puts up a smiling face for his clients, but he is a tyrant towards the pixie and the monkey, who are forced to pass from one job to another.


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