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Ron is Bloom's befriended cat in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.


Ron has beige colored fluffy fur with slightly darker stripes along his back and tail. He has hazel eyes and a tuft of longer fur on his forehead. He wears a golden bell on his collar.


Season 2

Ron and Hippocampus

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The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Ron and Kiko in the first movie.

He suddenly appears when Bloom's feelings are upset because Hagen cannot help her find her birth parents. Bloom names him Ron, and he becomes Kiko's companion. He is later seen at Gardenia with Bloom, along with Kiko, suggests her to call Sky but there is no respond. They also have a snowball fight. He is also seen at Alfea again when Mandragora attacks Alfea, and then comes with Professor Wizgiz while Bloom and the Winx come to search for Bloom's birth parents. When Bloom is trapped on Obsidian, the Ancestral Witches attempt to fool her, but when she sees her father pets Ron, she realizes it is just a trap and fights back.


Season 1


He is also seen in the comic series at least once, his first appearance is in Dragon's Flame. In there he is called "Name of Frog", which is most likely a nickname. It is most likely Ron because Concorda said "Good Name of Frog! You're doing some magic, too." meaning he does not usually do magic and Ron is not seen doing any magic except appearing (like Kiko, his companion) and flying. His appearance might be the source of his nickname which sounds like an exclamation of surprise. His wings are pink; he has 2 on each side on above and one below. The top one has a line bellow the tip.


  • In the Nickelodeon dub, his name is "Purr".
  • Ron first appeared on the official Winx Club website on 2005 and then makes few cameos throughout Season 2 and 3. In the 2D version of him, he has pink eyelids.
    • The Winx Club website refers to him as Pixie Cat.