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Ronf is a gnome in the series PopPixie.


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He is the laziest Gnome in Pixieville; he has been married to Nella, an energetic Gnome, for several centuries. Ronf is very different to the other Gnomes because he is the only Gnome who prefers a nap to money; since he is past the age of retirement all he wants to do is nap on his veranda.[1]

Ronf is a lazy, always ready to take a nap anywhere but his sour mercenary wife simply cannot stand the idea that her husband does not want to make money, humiliating her with her friends.

When Ronf drives, he is bane for Lockette who is always hurrying not to be late and is forced to invent ways and do dangerous acrobatics to overtake him.[2]


Season 1

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Winx Club

Season 8

In "Dress Fit For A Queen", in the jewellery store, Bloom attempts to use her magic to entertain Ronf, though the fire magic ends up frightening him. Stella notices this and tries to interfere, and a jewellery box falls on her head, making him laugh. Hehands her a bag of jewels to thank her, which gets passed on the Aisha once again, much to her dismay.


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