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Faraway Reflection room
The Room of Faraway Reflections is a location of Alfea introduced in Season 5.


The Room of Faraway Reflections enables its visitors to relive the past. By focusing on the clock in the Fairy Clock Room, Sirenix fairies will be drawn out of present time, into a place where the past has not disappeared, but can be seen as a faraway reflection.


The Room of Faraway Reflections is a dimension filled with various mirrors attaching as chains, and they show the user what happened in the past.


Season 5


Bloom in the Room of Faraway Reflections.

In "The Shark's Eye," it is seen when the Winx study in the Fairy Clock Room. Bloom uses chrono-magic to access the Room of Faraway Reflections, and she sees Daphne's past. It had shown that Daphne and Politea were once friends, but Daphne was attacked by the Ancestral Witches, and instead of helping, Politea just smiles, thus betraying Daphne.


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