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Rose Thorn Bracelet is Helia's magical weapon. It is first seen in "The Flying School."


It is a silver bracelet with yellow ornaments on it. There is an orange gem in the center from with the energy emits.


Season 6

In "The Flying School", Helia receives the bracelet. Then, he uses against the Treants along with Timmy's crossbow when Selina awakened them up.

In "The Secret Greenhouse," he uses it to knock the "antidote" Bloom was planning to give to Flora out of her hands; it was poisonous and was plotted there by Selina.

In "Zombie Invasion," he uses it against the Pirate Zombies when they come to take back the Fantasy Emerald.

In "The Curse of Fearwood," Helia uses it against a werewolf to lure it into Aisha's Morphix Cage. He uses it again to lure the werewolves to Fearwood Forest.

In "The Magic Totem," while the bracelet is not in used, it can be seen on both of his hands.

In "The Anthem," he summons it to prepare to attack the Cloud Tower Elite.

Season 7

In "Banana Day," Helia summons it to prepare to attack the Banana Monsters.

In "The Golden Butterfly," Helia uses it against the Trix's barrier along with Nex's Halberd of the Wind but failed. Then, he uses it twice in a combined attack along with the Specialists and Nex against the Trix's barrier but failed again.


Season 6

Helia uses his Rose Thorn Bracelets to help back up the Winx by attacking the Centaurs as the girls made rescuing the panicking fair-goers their main priority. He blasts down a Centaur alongside Sky and his Moon Khukuri.

Magical Abilities

It fires yellow-green thorn-like rays of energy. In some occasions, the rays can act like a green net to block an opponent.


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