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The Rose of the Abyss is a flower introduced in Season 2.


The Rose of the Abyss is a rare flower that emits a sweet smell.


The Rose of Abyss resembles the woody perennial flowering plants of the genus "rose". Its petals are long, red, and slightly squared. The flower has a green stem with no thorns, and its leaves are long and thin.


Season 2

Winx club 204 sponsus and amentia

Sponsus presenting the Roses of the Abyss to Amentia.

In "Princess Amentia," Sponsus presents a bouqet of Roses of the Abyss to Amentia. She accepts but is angered when she realizes that one of the petals is wilted. As Amentia proclaims that Sponsus has wasted her time, she throws the bouquet and it hits one of the belly dancers.

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