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Roy is a yacht driver and a Specialist who works for Aisha's father.


Roy has dark skin, blonde hair and dark grey eyes. He also appears to have a very muscular body.


Roy wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a long red stripe going down the middle, blue jeans and red, white and blue sneakers.


His uniforms consist of a tight bodysuit, a cape and a lime gem.


Roy is caring and helpful as he had assisted the Winx on their quest for Sirenix on multiple occasions.  During the annual mixer party at Alfea, he accompanied Aisha as she was sad. He does have a tendency to ponder, especially when nervous around someone he likes. But is still patient and not very pushy. He takes aggression pretty well as shown when Aisha snapped at him the very first time they met.

However, in Season 6, Roy himself showcases a lot of animosity towards Nex, a paladin from Linphea College, the moment he starts flirting with the Winx when they arrive. It is almost uncharacteristic of the generally caring individual as his animosity and later jealousy towards Nex rivals Riven's own hostile behavior. In fact, through the course of the season, Roy engages in a rivalry with Nex, especially whenever the young paladin seems to be aiming for Aisha's affections. Nonetheless, he is not completely blinded by his jealousy as he is able to it set aside in order to cheer someone up. And, despite Nex being his love rival, he likes to engage in friendly contests (disregarding him trying to impress Aisha) with him. This reveals that he can warm up to people, regardless of first impressions.

Although he does ponder, he does not hesitate to assist and protect anyone revealing that he is heroic.



Roy wielding his javelin.

Roy, having originated from the realm of the oceans, excels in underwater combat and activities. He maneuvers smoothly and easily while underwater, capable of swimming fast enough to keep up with the Winx in their Harmonix form. Roy's main weapon is the javelin, a long range weapon. He is often seen using it as a club, for defense, and shoving opponents back. The javelin is secured somewhere in his uniform and manifests in a light-green color from his hands.

He knows how to operate a yacht and eventually, a hover bike since enrolling into Red Fountain.


By season 6, Roy gains a new sword at the Linphea College. This sword is unique due to its ability to utilize nature's powerful forces. In Roy's case, it generates electricity and its ability is used at a distance. He also has a light brown shield which appears on his forearm when needed.

Magical Abilities

Triton Aura.

He was seen using a spell in "The Gem of Empathy" and "Saving Paradise Bay".

Uses of Magic



  • Roy also has the ability to use magic - Triton Aura - which allows him to breathe underwater like Aisha's Underwater Breath.
    • The appearance of the Triton Aura is similar to the tattoos Nabu had on his arms.
  • Roy and Nex both make their comics debut in the Season 6 comics.
  • After Season 6, Roy no longer appeared nor was he ever mentioned. It is uncertain as to what happened to him.