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The Rustic Fairies are the followers of Sibylla.


The Rustic Fairies are magical creatures who are the followers of Sibylla, the Major Fairy of Justice. Their duty is to serve and protect her, as well as the entrance to her cave found in the Sibillini Mountains. They seem to be very close to nature since they live mainly in the countryside. Apart from most other fairies, the Rustic Fairies do not have a wholly human appearance, but instead look like a combination of fairies, goats and horses.


The Rustic Fairies have the upper bodies of women but have goats' legs with large hooves and have fur on their bodies instead of clothes. Their faces are flat with horse or goat-like nostrils and pointed ears, and do not seem to have any eyebrows. Their hair is shaped like horns. The wings of the Rustic Fairies are transparent, with borders of dark colors and spots of other colors.


Season 4


In "Sibylla's Cave," when the Winx came seeking the help of Sibylla, they spotted the Rustic Fairies dancing and thought that they were cute, but the Rustic Fairies ran from the Winx and attacked with a rock avalanche. Eventually, the Winx gained the trust of Rustic Fairies when they saw that Sibylla granted them her protection.

When the Wizards came seeking sanctuary under Sibylla and asked help for their ailing comrade, Duman, the Rustic Fairies were reluctant to assist the Winx Club and the Wizards but followed Sibylla's orders regardless.

In "Ice and Fire," after the final battle in which the Wizards of the Black Circle were defeated, they can be seen in the Sibillini Mountains watching magic being restored to Earth.

Magical Abilities

The Rustic Fairies have much physical strength and they can use their hooves to break rocks and cause avalanches. They are also able to heal as seen in "Sibylla's Cave".

As fairies they may know first-level spells all fairies can learn such as, telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes.


  • The Rustic Fairies were most likely inspired from the Satyrs of Greek Mythology and the Fauns of Roman Mythology.
    • The term rustic, an adjective and noun used to describe rural areas and the people who live there, is also heavily tied to the Satyrs and the Fauns.
  • In their debut, the Rustic Fairies were seen dancing in a circle. According to legend, fairy rings are formed when the fairies' dancing at night causes grass to burn and form circles of toadstools.
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