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Ms. Sagant is one of Bloom's former teachers in Gardenia before she left for Alfea.


She is a round short woman with light skin, and pale blue eyes. She has dark red hair in a bun, pale pink bangs, thin, small glasses, and pale lips. She wears a pale blue suit jacket, with a yellow shirt, and a yellow button on the jacket. She wears a grey short skirt, and has one pale blue heels. 


Sagant appears to be a strict teacher and a little rough on her students, but all she wants them to do is to learn and do well in the future.


#18: The Guardian of Dreams

Sagant only appears in Bloom's nightmares showing that Bloom was not fond of her. Due to a later encounter by Sagant and Bloom, it appears that this feeling from Bloom really took form when Bloom was sick and the day she got back Sagant gave a test that Bloom did not know about and study for. At the end of the encounter with the dream Sagant, she says that she can take the test later and that all she wants is the best for her students.

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