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Headmaster Saladin is the headmaster of Red Fountain. Before the series aired, it was obvious that he worked with the Company of Light and Bloom's parents. In the first season, he helped to defeat the Trix, with the help of Cloud Tower and Alfea. In Season 2, they were attacked after the opening of their new school for the Codex.

He is Helia's uncle and a friend of Bloom's parents, Oritel and Marion, and was once part of the Company of Light together with them and fought along with them against the Ancestral Witches and Valtor when Domino was destroyed.


Saladin is a short, round, elderly man with thick gray eyebrows and waist-length gray hair. He is clean shaven and wears a simple dull tunic/robe.


Saladin is shown to be a very wise and calm person, as shown when Red Fountain was attacked by the Army of Darkness. He also cares about his students and is willing help them when needed. He is however, not afraid to scold them. He also appears to be very protective of his school seeing as he was devastated when he lost it because the Trix had over powered him and everyone else.

Saladin also does not trust people easily, in particular those who have any relations with evil but he is quick to forgive especially when they have proven themselves. As seen when Knut asked for Saladin's help, Saladin was very skeptical and even critical of Knut until he realized Knut was telling the truth.



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