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Princess Sapphire is Icy's younger sister who lives on the planet Dyamond. She is turned into a white fox by an evil witch who took over her kingdom.


Sapphire has a pale complexion, deep-blue colored eyes, and has extremely long, wavy light-blue hair with some ivory streaks. This style of hair was taken on by (though straighter) Icy as a reminder of her purpose when studying to become the strongest witch of all.

Sapphire's hair is held up high by a gold piece with a pink jewel at the center and smaller, round ones accentuating the rest of the piece. Her outfit style is known as Tudor. The design resembles King Henry VIII's garments, though it lacks the ruffled collar, is colored dark teal to teal, decorated with swirls, and the "shorts" have a bit of puff to them. The sleeves are tight with dark teal swirls and cuffs at the end. Over her outfit is a short-sleeved, open cardigan. She wears pale blue tights, dark teal loafers with a bow, and a dark blue beaded necklace where its center is a bright pink gem with a silver border.


In contrast to her older sister, Icy, Sapphire is brave, adventurous, and strong-willed. She loves to have fun and dislikes being trapped in the same place.

Season 8

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