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Royal Seal 3
The Seal of Erakylon (also referred to as the Royal Seal) is an item that debuts in Season 4.


The Seal of Eraklyon is a golden ring that is given to the future king of Eraklyon.


The Seal of Eraklyon is a ring made entirely of gold with a diamond-shaped piece on top. There are two little red stones attached to the sides.


Season 4

Royalseal - Ep404

Brandon strictly advising Sky not to pawn the seal.

In "Love & Pet," after arriving on Earth, the Specialists and Nabu have an big financial problem. If they plan to stay on Earth to help the Winx with their mission, they will need a place to stay. But with no money, Sky decides the best way to earn some fast is to pawn the Seal of Eraklyon. Though advised against it by Brandon due to the seal's importance, Sky reasons that this is the only way at the moment. With that, Riven encourages Sky to get a good pricing for its value. The pawnshop worker gives them some money for it but gives a stern warning that if they do not reclaim it in one month, he will sell it.

Royal Seal 2

The Seal of Eraklyon being returned.

In "Nebula," King Erendor comes to Earth as the final destination in search of his son, mainly because Sky had been absent from the throne for a long time and the kingdom needs their king. When Erendor is finally able to speak to his son, he scolds him about his responsibilities. It is clear to Erendor that his son is currently preoccupied and cannot attend to his kingdom at the moment, therefore, Erendor asks for the seal back and Sky can reclaim it upon his return. Erendor is then told that they had pawned it for money. With his son and his friends in tow, Erendor arrives at the pawnshop. The seal is eventually returned after Musa uses Bright Heart to convince the pawnshop worker to return the seal.


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