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The Search-All Droid is a technomagic device owned by Tecna.


The Search-All Droid flies to high bookshelves and reads their titles. Once it is done reading the titles, it descends and transmits the list of titles to Tecna's Palm Top.


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The Search-All Droid is sphere-shaped, resembling an eyeball. Its main body is pink with a hot pink iris and pupil that will emit a ray that scans titles. On the top of the droid is a light blue hemisphere with two dark blue antennae. The droid's arms and feet are orange and its hands, legs, and underbelly are blue. The droid has golden wings that enable flight. The inside of the droid is composed of red and green wiring.


#2: The Secrets of Alfea

Winxclub comic issue 2 the secrets of alfea - tecna pamtop

Tecna explaining the Search-All Droid to Bloom.

As Bloom is reading The History of Alfea, the device makes noises behind her, causing her to become alarmed. Upon seeing it, she notes that it is interesting, but does not understand what it is. Just then, it zooms past her. Tecna then enters the library and greets Bloom and asks if the droid scared her. Bloom then asks what it is, prompting Tecna to say that it is her Search-All Droid, a device she made to read titles, which also include the titles of books that are too high up for Tecna to reach. Tecna then asks if Bloom wants to ask the droid to search for a title, and Bloom begins to overload the droid with input, causing it to beep wildly and crash to the floor. Upon seeing her destroyed droid, Tecna picks it up and angrily walks away, saying Bloom should read up on how not to stress out a computer.


Stolen Secrets

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