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Searchin' is one of several short songs heard throughout the series in the 4Kids dub.



Don't know what came over me
Got all lost in a fantasy
(With you and me)
My broken heart is gonna heal
Can't believe the way I feel
(Is this for real?)

I'm caught up in your spell
(Under your spell)
And there's just no way to tell
How I'm gonna break free

Searchin', gotta find an answer
Lookin', all the places we've been
Dreamin', that we'll last forever
I won't stop searching for you
'Till we're together again


  • This song is heard in 4Kids' "Crystal Ball Video" segment at the end of "Black Mud Swamp" and "A Great Secret Revealed".
    • Unlike the other episodes for which a song is featured in 4Kids' "Crystal Ball Video" segment, this song was played before the ending credits and was not presented being a part of the "Crystal Ball Video" segment.
  • This song is heard at the end of the 4Kids version of "Honor above All".