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The Searchix is a technomagic device owned by Tecna.


The Searchix is an indicator that was created to track Neruman's shadows. The device is able to track where the shadows are as well as their source.


Active Searchix.png

The Searchix is blue and crescent-shaped. The device three buttons on the inside of the crest, two circle-shaped and one rectangle-shaped, and four white, horizontal stripes on the top of the inside of the crest. Four blue, vertical stripes are present toward the bottom of the inside of the crest. The device has three visible screw holes on the top. Above the screw holes is a display that will light up purple when a signal is received.


#97: The Dark Dimension

Tecna building the Searchix.

Locked in their loft in Gardenia, the Winx question Tecna about when she will be done building the Searchix. Tecna says that she is almost done, but she is having trouble concentrating as Timmy has been calling her constantly. Later, Tecna presents her finished device to the Winx, saying that it is capable of detecting Neruman's shadows anywhere in the Magic Dimension. Just then, the device begins to beep, indicating that Neruman's shadows are in their loft. After convincing Roxy to stay behind as the other Winx go on a mission, the device locates the shadow's portal; it is at the Fortress of Light. At the Fortress of Light, Tecna carries her Searchix through the hallways of the building, and with the help of her device, she finds that the portal to the source of the shadows is just beyond a door.


  • The device's name is derived from the word "search," meaning "to look for".
  • The device's name has an "-ix" suffix, much like the names of the Fairy Forms in the series.