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In a quiet corner in the Magic Universe there is a special dimension, a miniature world populated by gnomes, elves, talking animals… and especially by the Pixies. The city they live in is Pixieville, where they live their extraordinary everyday lives using the incredible magic of the MagicPops, magic globes of the

Tree of Life, who allow the Pixies to turn into mini-heroes… the PopPixies!


  1. Green Attack
  2. A Pixie Fish
  3. Crazy Weather
  4. Lockette's Secret
  5. Flying Money
  6. Caramel's Ice Cream Tree
  7. The Mirror Spell
  8. The Big Interview
  9. A Robot for Chatta
  10. The Mystery of Lost MagicPop
  11. Let's Go Camp Pixie
  12. Save the Bumble Monkeys
  13. My Best Friend
  14. Amore's Love Potion
  15. Super Toy
  16. Techno MagicPop
  17. An Elf in School
  18. Gnomes Gone Mad
  19. Lenny & Yucca at War
  20. The Silent Curse
  21. The Schoolbus Heroes
  22. I'm a PopPixie Too!
  23. You're Fired!
  24. Bad Hair Day
  25. Martino's Special Talent
  26. Giant Spiders Invasion
  27. The Gnomes' Gold Rush
  28. The Perfect Party
  29. A Funny Pet
  30. The Pixieville Grand Prix
  31. A Stormy Talent Show
  32. Jolly's Crackling Exhibition
  33. Amore and the Quarreling Dragons
  34. Chatta's Biggest Fan
  35. The Last Gnome
  36. The Elves' Underground Assault
  37. MagicPops in Danger
  38. An Electrifying Day
  39. Three Amazing Wishes
  40. The Lilliputian Pixies
  41. Chatta's Chatting Rival
  42. Hurry up, Pam
  43. The Bad-Luck Ladybug
  44. Fixit and Martino's Bad Cold!
  45. Caramel's Sugary Cupcakes
  46. Living Like Cherie
  47. A Competition Between Caramel and Martino
  48. Mermaids, PopPixies' Best Friends!
  49. A Treasure under the Rainbow
  50. The Mermaids' Potion
  51. Rex's Threat on Pixieville
  52. Saving the Tree of Life!


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