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In 2015, via an interview, Iginio Straffi, the creator of Winx Club, confirmed that the eighth season was in production and it was set to be aired after World of Winx and the 4th movie. It was later revealed at the Russia Licensing World Exhibition on February 27, 2018, that the eighth season's premiere had been postponed until 2019.

At the Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2018, it was revealed that the season will have new graphics and style guides and furthermore new magic powers and the return of the most popular fairy transformations, Butterflix, Sirenix, and Enchantix. Afterward, a clip from the season was shown at the Brand Licensing Europe, in London, UK on October 9, 2018. And later, the first two episodes of the season premiered at the International Rome film Festival on October 20, 2018 to celebrate the Winx's 15th anniversary.

It was later mentioned by Straffi that the season would premiere in February 2019, however due to the season still currently being under production, it was postponed later into Spring 2019, while the trailer premiered on January 27, 2019. On January 28, 2019, Rai YoYo showcased a small clip of the season. It was later uploaded to the official Winx Club YouTube channels on January 30, 2019. During the 2019 Nuremberg International Toy Fair, another trailer from the season was being showcased with the latest updates and new scenes included. Later on March 7, 2019, the one-hundred and eightieth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series reveals that the season is going to premiere in Mid-April 2019 on Rai YoYo.

During the Russia Licensing World Exhibition on March 12, 2019, merchandise of the new season is shown. A trailer was also screened, which appears to be same one from the Brand Licensing Europe 2018. Afterward on March 20, 2019, it is mentioned that second part of the eighth season is scheduled to be premiered in Autumn 2019. On March 25, 2019, a promo of the eighth season released by Rai YoYo mentioned the season will premiere soon on the stated channel. On the next day, Rai YoYo revealed that the eighth season would officially premiere on April 15, 2019 from Sunday to Friday at 8.25 pm and a brief synopsis of the season was also released.

On April 6, 2019, the episode titles from the second half of the season was revealed. At the same day, the one-hundred and eighty first issue of the Winx Club Comic Series reveals that the season is going to premiere every day starting April 15, 2019 at 5:15pm and 8:30pm on Rai YoYo.


The Winx fairies embark on a cosmic adventure that will lead them to the farthest reaches of the Magic Universe to save the stars themselves.

One by one, all the stars in the sky are mysteriously going out, gradually throwing the various worlds of the Magic Universe into darkness. And it looks like Valtor’s comeback is behind this terrible threat...

It's the night of the shooting stars on Magix and the Winx are ready for a magic party at Alfea. But a little creature called Twinkly reaches them after a long journey, bringing an urgent message: they are the only ones who can save the stars!

Following their little new friend, the Winx will set off on a cosmic adventure guided by the Lumens, creatures that generate magic stardust. Thanks to them, the six fairies will get a new amazing light-based transformation to fight against unpredictably mysterious threats that are endangering the Magic Universe.

Will they beat the shadows that loom over the stars? And who is hiding behind all this?

All the stars of the sky are mysteriously going out one by one, gradually throwing the various worlds of the Magic Universe into darkness. And it seems that Valtor's return is hidden behind this terrible threat. In Winx Club Season 8, the fairies of Alfea will travel to a new planet called Lumenia, where the queen will entrust them with the power of Cosmix, to protect the stars of the Magic Universe. With them, there will also be a lovely new friend, a Lumen (a magical star-shaped creature) from this planet. In addition to Cosmix, it seems that in the new series, some catchphrases from the previous seasons will return, including a new version of Sirenix and Enchantix. And of course, as we have already said, there will be the great return of one of the historical enemies that Bloom and her companions have already defeated in the past, or the evil Valtor.


  1. Night of the Stars
  2. A Kingdom of Lumens
  3. Attack on the Core
  4. PopStars!
  5. Orion's Secret
  6. Doom of the Lighthouse Star
  7. Trapped on Prometia
  8. Into the Depths of Andros
  9. The Light of Gorgol
  10. Hydra Awakens
  11. Treasures of Syderia
  12. Surprise Party on Earth
  13. Valtor's Shadow
  14. The Wishing Star
  15. Mission for the Prime Stars
  16. The Sparx Festival
  17. Dress Fit for a Queen
  18. Valley of the Flying Unicorns
  19. Tower Beyond the Clouds
  20. The Green Heart of Lynphea
  21. Dance Contest on Melody
  22. The Secret of Harmony
  23. Between the Earth and the Sea
  24. Dyamond on Ice
  25. The White Fox
  26. Written in the Stars

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Winx Club - Season 8 – OFFICIAL TRAILER

Winx Club - Season 8 – OFFICIAL TRAILER

Winx Club - Season 8 –TEASER 4 minutes preview

Winx Club - Season 8 –TEASER 4 minutes preview

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