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Sebastian is a character who appears in the second season of World of Winx. He is a wealthy art collector and unbeknownst to him, his home contained a trunk and inside it, the Barrie Sword, an important item to Matt which had belonged to his father, Peter Pan.


He has light skin, dark blue hair slicked neatly to the left, and dark blue eyes. Sebastian has high cheek bones, a long chin, and a beauty mark on the bottom corner of his right eye.

He has on a white button up shirt, a black tie, and a red suit. He wears ashy brown-green shortwing blucher formal shoes and white high socks.


Sebastian is knowledgeable, dedicated, a bit stubborn and is passionate about his hobbies. This can be seen towards art for which he has extensive knowledge in, and his dedication is shown by the art pieces he has amassed over the years but is secretive of it and stubbornly kept some in a secret vault. Because a majority of his collection is displayed everywhere in his villa, he is finicky about their appearance, forbids any touching of said pieces, and is cleaned every two days. A process which takes, "exactly five hours, forty-two minutes and twenty-eight seconds", according to his butler.

The young master has been described as "bizarre"[1] but is also a nice person, shows concern, and is generous. He felt horrible when his secret vault trapped the Winx inside and he, himself, was unable to free them. As an apology for the inconvenience, Sebastian gave them the sword they had find in the vault once they were able to leave.

He is open-minded as well. When Matt gave him some advice regarding his secretive artworks and how he showed share it with the world, although initially defensive about it, he eventually understood what Matt was trying to tell him. Realizing that keeping it to himself would be meaningless.

Pre-World of Winx

Sebastian had purchased his villa and displayed most of his art collection except for he few that he deemed special. At some point, he had discovered a vault with a trunk left by the previous owners but he did not open it and left it there.

World of Winx

Season 2

Sebastian's secret vault is discovered.

Sebastian is told by his butler, Godfred, that some art collectors were here to see his collection and might make an offer. So, Sebastian welcomes Matt and his assistants in, then sits down with Matt who tells him he is interested in all types of swords and would like to see his collection. Hearing his client's interests, he walks towards the collection hall but tells them only three people are allowed in it for safety reasons. Only Matt and Stella were permitted entry while the other assistants were made to wait at the main entrance hall. Sebastian shows the two his collection as well as his extensive knowledge in them. Afterwards, he concludes the showcasing of the art pieces. He asks Matt if they would like to purchase something while rejoining the others in the main entrance. Sebastian notices the other assistants acting strange and eyes them with suspicion.

Matt is about to retract his decision when one of the assistants mentions that the mirror is of interest. Sebastian is taken aback but covers it up by denying it, saying that it holds no value and is a family relic. But, the assistant insists that it is not the mirror but what is behind it. She points out that all art collectors have a secret place to store their most prized art pieces. Sebastian is surprised and looks at Matt for confirmation, to which he proudly proclaims, "I taught [Tecna] everything she needed to know!"

Only one way out of the secret vault which is now locked from the inside.

Sebastian is impressed and walks towards the painting with the keyboard located next to the mirror. Matt excitedly asks him if he will show his secret collection. Sebastian makes a deal with them: identify the object in the trunk that was left by the previous residents and the piece will be theirs to buy. They agree and Sebastian unlocks the mirror but only the assistants steps inside (as a test of skills, as Matt says) as they cannot all fit in the elevator. He then deactivates the vault's security system and while he and Matt watch the girls' movements via the vault camera, the screen glitches. Alarmed, Sebastian realizes the vault has locked the assistants inside causing him to panic. He starts entering codes to try and free them, because if they do not escape it the security system will destroy them. He tells this to Matt who, rightfully so, also starts panicking.

Extremely concerned for the girls' safety, Sebastian continues frantically entering all the codes he knows but nothing works. Not to mention, the elevator is the only way out. To make matters worse, he entered so many codes and when all of them failed, the system activates the next security phase - complete lock down. But after sometime, the vault somehow begins working properly again and so he and Matt meet the girls down there. That is when he sees a sword in one of the assistant (Tecna)'s possession, a sword that Matt shows great interest in. Sebastian however, does not see what value it holds as it belonged to the previous residents but Matt affirms it is to him.

As an apology, Sebastian gifts the sword to Matt.

Sebastian then apologizes for his vault locking the girls in but did find it strange that the security system had not... well, obliterated them. One of the assistants assumed it to be a malfunction. As an apology for the inconvenience, he gifts them the sword which is met with gratitude. With that dealt with, he shows the art connoisseurs his most prized art pieces. That is when Matt offers some advice: dreams should be lived and not locked inside something. Sebastian did not understand him, feeling that his art pieces should still be kept secret because he loves them. Matt then elaborates on what he means, the art pieces are indeed beautiful but the world and its people should appreciate it as well, not just one person. Sebastian understands now and says he had always wanted to open a museum. He thanks Matt for the advice who in turn, offers his and his assistants' helping hand should he ever require it.


  • His name is of Greek origin and means "vulnerable".[2]