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Selina is a former witch, originally a fairy, who attended Cloud Tower. She was the Keeper of the Legendarium and the main villain of Season 6 along with the Trix and Acheron, whom she was working under much to the Trix's dismay. She is a childhood friend of Bloom.

At the end of the season, she renounces dark magic and reverts to a fairy.


Selina was a new student at Cloud Tower in Season 6. She is from Earth and has the ability to bring legendary creatures to life, by using the Legendarium. She was previously, and once again has become, the apprentice of Eldora. She was also Bloom’s good childhood friend back on Earth.


Selina has waist-length thick dirty greenish/olive blonde hair, fair skin, light brown eyes and purple lips.


Her favorite color may be navy blue, as she wears a navy blue crop top with wavy black ends and a mesh collar with a pink circle. She also wears a navy blue jacket with a high collar and sleeves that end with spiked gray areas. Her stomach is covered with mesh, and she has navy blue gloves with light teal buttons on her hands. Selina also wears a navy blue skirt with a chain-belt, which she usually uses to hang the shrunk Legendarium and navy blue thigh-high heeled boots with gray tights and multiple light teal buttons on the side.

Younger Years

In Bloom's flashback, she used to have shoulder-length hair and her clothing is shown to be less dark as she is shown wearing a dark teal cardigan with a gray top, short sea-green ruffled skirt, dark teal belt, silver bracelets, gray tights and dark teal boots.


Selina is an intelligent and confident girl who is not afraid of standing up to use her powers and of the Legendarium to others. She showed great respect and admiration towards the Trix and was willing to help them to take over the Magic Dimension's colleges in exchange for them to teach her the dark arts. But when the Trix refuses to share the power with her, she is shown to be a traitor, preparing schemes for her bigger goals. She is very loyal towards Acheron. She is shown to be very proud and protective towards the Legendarium, willing to defend it at all costs if needed. However, in the flashback in "Attack of the Sphinx", it is shown that she was timid and shy as she was unable to talk to a boy she appeared to have a crush on until Bloom made her.

After being redeemed and locking the Legendarium for good, she is shown to be kind, repentant, caring, friendly, loyal, brave and compassionate who is also a lot more gentle, patient, and calm than she was before.


Season 6

Magical Abilities

Selina constructing Bloom using her snakes to acquire her Dragon Flame.

As a fairy, the basis of her powers was never revealed. However, as a witch Acheron clearly states and dubs her the Witch of Snakes.

As such, she can generate ethereal snakes and control them to her whims. Her snakes are transparent green in color. Her ethereal snakes were powerful enough to destroy the Dragon Skeleton where the Trix held the magic schools' powers. She is shown to be the only one (besides Eldora) who can bring legendary creatures to life. The Trix using her rather than stealing the Legendarium from her is the proof. She will speak an incantation that is specific to the legend she wants to bring to life. The Legendarium glows a light purple and a bright blue color will emit from inside the book, bringing the legend to life. When Acheron was released the book emitted a deep red color.


She is shown to be powerful enough to trap and hurt Bloom for a short period of time, and even then Bloom had to use a lot of power to simply throw her across a room without inflicting any other visible injuries.

When Selina manifests her magical energy, they range in several colors: gold-orange, light blue, purple, green and dusty green. They can also be purely lightning strikes (similar to Stormy) though this is often attributed to when she enlarges the Legendarium. Most of the time, her energy beams are magenta-black with bubble and lightning appearance.

Uses of Magic

  • Energy Beams
  • Levitation
  • Shields
  • Pilfer a magical source (e.g. Bloom's Dragon's Flame.)


  • Selina is another form of Selene (Σελήνη), which is the Greek name for the moon and the name of the ancient Greek Titan of the Moon.
    • In Greek Religion, the Titaness Hecate was a Lunar Goddess as well as the Goddess of Witchcraft. In Roman Mythology, the goddess Diana/Artemis was also associated with the moon.
      • In ancient and medieval folklore, witches were often associated with the moon.


Main article: Inspirations and References
  • Selina's thick olive blonde hair, her hairstyle, her snake powers in her witch form, as well as her name, are reminiscent of Ophiuchus Shaina from the manga and anime series Saint Seiya.


  • Jessica DiCicco, the voice of Selina, also voices Miele, Zing, Lucy and Evy in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Eleonora Reti, the original/Italian voice of Selina, also voices Tressa, Yucca and Phylla.
  • In the Season 6 trailer and the Winx Club 6 Secret Video - Who is Selina?, Selina's voice is completely different than in the series.
  • Selina is the first known witch from Earth (In the show). However, she was a fairy first. And in the comics Jenny Carter is the first known witch from earth.
  • Selina is the first primary female antagonist in series since the Trix.
  • It is revealed that Selina is using the Trix, by making the Trix feel that she is the one serving them.
  • Selina had already tried to remove the Trix from her way by sending them in the Legendarium World and not telling them that they could get stuck in its fictional world.
  • Selina is the final boss in Winx: Bloomix Battle.
  • Selina is the third villain to be forgiven and redeemed.
    • Knut was the first villain to switch sides and be forgiven and redeemed.
  • Selina locked the Legendarium for good.
  • Since Selina trained with Eldora before, and is training with her again, this officially makes her an Earth fairy.
  • Selina could have been a flower fairy before becoming the Witch of Snakes since she said Eldora taught her floral magic.
  • Selina is the fourth person to double-cross the Trix.
    1. The first was Darkar.
    2. The second was Tritannus.
    3. The third was Politea.
  • Selina and Chimera are the youngest antagonists of the series.
  • Selina and the Trix are the antagonists that have appeared in the second episode of a season.
  • Selina is the only antagonist that has a magic object as a weapon. Unlike the other villains who had only primary weapons.
  • Selina, Valtor and Tritannus are the only antagonists which have relations with a member of the Winx.
  • Even though Selina appeared at Cloud Tower as a freshman, she and Bloom are the same age, which could be that she was just seeming like a freshman in order to get into Cloud Tower to find magic to free Acheron.
  • It is unknown how Selina was able to escape from the Wizards of the Black Circle as she was a fairy and from Earth. Like Roxy, she could have been just too young for her magic to appear. However, in a flashback, it is shown that she started her magic training before Roxy. Eldora could have been protecting Selina from using her magic to hide her from the Wizards.
  • It is possible that Selina is inspired from Carolina.
  • Both Selina and Tritannus are tied with having only two appearances in the Winx Club Comic Series. The only other villains with a smaller amount of appearances are Darkar and Valtor with one though, the two of them are at least mentioned in multiple issues outside their one appearance.