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Selkie village
Selkie Village is an underwater village where the Selkies of the oceans live. It is seen very rarely through out Season 5.


The known Selkie Village is located in the seas of Earth, near the coast of Gardenia. The Earth Selkies live in houses made up of corals, marine rocks and the shells of marine animals and it is decorated with many colorful types of seaweed.

As seen in the final battle against Tritannus, there are still many Selkie Villages in the other seas of the Magic Dimension.


Season 5

In "Faraway Reflection", In the oceans of EarthPhylla became alarmed when Tritannus and the Trix arrive. She tries to stop them, but was overpowered by Icy. Phylla quickly returns to Lake Roccaluce. She returns to a Selkie village and warns about Tritannus' actions in the Earth oceans.

Later, under the sea, Tritannus and the Trix are confronted by Phylla and some Selkies she's rounded up. Unfortunately, they were no match, and by the time the Winx arrive, they escape. The girls were forced to delay their pursuit to help the Selkies who had been captured by the toxic powers of Tritannus .


  • The only Selkie Village seen on the show is located on Earth.
    • It is also unknown whether there is only one Selkie Village or many on Earth.
  • It is unknown whether the Selkie Village has always existed on Earth or whether it was founded after the Winx restored magic on Earth. It might also be possible that the Selkie Village existed when magic still existed on Earth but was deserted after the Wizards of the Black Circle captured the Earth Fairies and was later repopulated when magic was restored there.


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