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Master Sfoglia is Alfea's school chef.


Sfoglia is a paunchy man with blue-black hair. He has a thin, handlebar mustache and a goatee. He wears a white chef hat and a white chef coat with yellow buttons. He has a white apron and a red ascot. He wears dark blue pants with horizontal and vertical black stripes, giving the pants a plaid-like appearance.


Sfoglia is very particular about how food is prepared as evidenced by the critiques he gave the Winx. Sfoglia gets angered easily and is impatient, as evidenced by his yelling when Flora could not get the omelette down from the ceiling fan fast enough. Despite this, he has shown the ability of diffusing his anger.

Winx Club

Season 1

IMG 3505

Sfoglia entering the kitchen.

In "Date with Disaster," he comes into the kitchen during the Winx's kitchen duty. He overhears Bloom complaining about the fact that she cannot use magic to prepare a meal and comments saying home-cooked meals are tastier and much healthier. He observes the Winx's progress in cutting the potatoes for the school's upcoming dinner and says that the potatoes are too small, and tells Musa to take off less of their skin. He then prompts the Winx to flip the omlets that are frying in the pan, which ends with Bloom landing an omlet on the ceiling fan. He tells them to turn the fan off and he becomes impatient as Flora tries to reach the switch, operatically singing loudly, "turn it off!"

The Winx on kitchen duty

Sfoglia with the Winx.

As soon as the fan turns off, the forward motion of the fan causes the omelet to land on Sfoglia's face. Wiping the egg off of his face, he says he will ask the headmistress about exempting the Winx from any further kitchen duty. He then notes that the Winx cause him more trouble then his help and that he must clean up before dinner time. Before he leaves, he tells the Winx to keep an eye on the roast that is cooking in the oven.


  • Sfoglia is the Italian word for puff pastry.
  • He has a strong Spanish accent in the Cinélume dub.
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