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The Shaab Stone is a mysterious and magical stone that appears exclusively within the Winx Club Comic Series. It makes its debut in the issue of the same name and acts as a major item during the Shaab Stone arc of the comics.


The Shaab Stone is a large magenta-colored slab of rock. It takes the form of pebbles, powder, and even a pendant in its later appearances, all while retaining its magenta hue.


Shaab Stone Origins

The origins of the Shaab Stone.

Long ago, a mysterious meteorite fell on Magix and landed in the center of what is now known as the Enclosed Territory. The impact of the meteorite's crash was so great that it disintegrated and its dusty remains were scattered across the Enclosed Territory, resulting in the area's ability to cancel out all magic. The dust and fragments left behind by the destroyed meteorite became known as the Shaab Stone collectively.

No one knows why the Shaab Stone can cancel out magic specifically but many antagonists throughout the run of the comics smuggle pieces of it to use as either a precaution or an integral part of their sinister plans.



  • The Shaab Stone is the most recurring item within the comics, as it is used or at least mentioned in some way in five separate issues and across three different seasons. Morgana's Necklace is the only other comic-exclusive object that shares this and it comes in second; only being mentioned and used in four issues only contained within the events of most Season 4 comics.
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