Shamans are magical beings who appear in Winx Club, World of Winx and the Winx Club Comic Series.


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Winx Club

In the eighth season of Winx Club, it is revealed that a Shaman Witch had once invaded Icy's home world of Dyamond after covering it in ice and transformed Icy's younger sister Sapphire into a white fox[1].

It is however unknown if the Shaman Witch is only a type of Witch and her powers a form of Witch magic, or if she is both a Witch and a Shaman and can use both Witch and Shaman magic at the same time.

World of Winx


In World of Winx, a shaman, whose name is unknown and is only called the Shaman is first introduced as an antagonist of the Winx under the orders of the corrupted fairy Tinkerbell.


In the Flute of the Shaman, Malina accidentally uses a family heirloom to summon one of her ancient ancestors, the prehistoric shaman Arzach, who transforms Gardenia into a prehistoric forest[2].
Malina Shaman Full

Malina in her Shaman Form

It is revealed that Malina herself has inherited of her ancestor's shaman powers and can transform into a Shaman Form, similarly to how Fairies can transform into Fairy Forms[2].

Magical Abilities

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  • In the real world, Shamans are practitioners of spiritual and religious practices which involve contacting the spirit world called Shamanism.


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