Shape-Shifting Witch is a witch form introduced in Season 7.

  • Previous Transformation: Dark Sirenix
  • Next Transformation: N/A


Following their sudden return in Season 7, the Trix, upon finding the source of all Wild Magic within the Magix Underground World, absorb some of the pure Wild Magic and merge with their bonded animals; all of which resulting in this new form.


They have an appearance that's combines them with the appearance of their Fairy Animal. Heavy make-up with facial markings, and their hair are in high pony tails. Stormy has wings on her back, and Icy and Darcy have tails that match the tails their fairy animals have. They also have talon like feet, but it's more present on Stormy. 

Magical Abilities

Shape-Shifting Witch allows the witches to be able to shape-shift, into different kinds of animals. It also allows them to use Wild Magic easily.

Known Shape-Shifting Witches



Transformation Sequences

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