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The Shark Eye Mountain is an underwater cave introduced in Season 5.


The Shark Eye Mountain was the refuge of the cursed Politea.


It is a rock mountain in the shape of a shark's head. The only entrance and exit of the mountain is the jaws of the shark.


Season 5


Bloom and Serena entering the lair.

In "The Shark's Eye," Bloom, in the Room of Faraway Reflections, sees a vision of Daphne and Politea's ancient battle for the Infinite Ocean and the curse placed upon Sirenix, and by association, them, by the Ancestral Witches. After being turned into a ravenous monster, Politea takes refuge in Shark Eye Mountain. Bloom transforms into a Sirenix fairy and goes there to find Politea. She encounters Serena, whom Bloom asks if she knows where the shark-head-shaped cave is. Serena's face falls, realizing what she is referring to: the Lair of Politea.


Darcy and Stormy draining Politea's power.

Reluctantly, Serena leads Bloom there. They are shocked to witness Icy enter the cavern herself and quickly follow. Inside the cave, a fight breaks out between Bloom and Icy. Before it can escalate, Politea swims in, being pursued by Darcy and Stormy, who evidently got to her first. They were in the process of draining her powers when Icy angrily tells them that Politea is her quarry. They ignore her and both manage to absorb the Sirenix powers from Politea, and to Bloom's shock, cause her to vanish.


The lair destroyed.

Darcy and Stormy then attack Bloom and Serena, proving to Icy they have got the power now. Darcy tells Icy to her face that she and Stormy have had it with Tritannus and are done with him. She then gives Icy an ultimatum that if she does not rejoin them, then they are done with her, too. Icy refuses to abandon Tritannus, angering Darcy and Stormy who desert her in response. The cave begins to collapse on itself as Icy makes her getaway, leaving Bloom for dead. Serena manages to guide Bloom out of the cave before they get sealed in.


The Mystery of the Abyss

Shark Eye Mountain was seen in a flashback to Politea's stripping of power. Later, when pollution from Earth spread in the Infinite Ocean, the pollution reaches the Shark Eye Mountain and regenerates Politea.


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