Shifting Tides is a song heard in the fifth episode of season two, "Rescuing the Pixies", of the 4Kids dub. The song is heard when Aisha, Stella, Bloom and Sky are boarding down the mountain to go save the pixies



Dancing across the sky so bright
Surfing rainbows and colors light
Realms made up of shifting tides
My lift take a magic ride
My lift take a magic ride


  • This song's counterpart in the Cinélume dub is a surf rock-style instrumental.
  • This song serves as Aisha's main theme music in the 4Kids dub, mainly when she's transforming
  • This song is heard in Aisha's Singsational Magic doll.
  • The style of this song appears to be a Pop, Hip-Hop, and Disco combination


Shifting Tides Music Video (HD)

Shifting Tides Music Video (HD)

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