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Shimmering shell
The Shimmering Shells are three magical shells living in the ocean of Andros, in the Labyrinth of the Abysses. They are a part of the Sirenix quest, and they help the Winx find the Gem of Self-Confidence by giving them a clue.


The Shimmering Shells are big tan-white clams.


Season 5

The Shimmering Shells and the Labyrinth of the Abysses were found by the Bloom, Stella, and Aisha in bad condition due to Tritannus's pollution. The pollution released by the shells made illusions that the Winx had to defeat with confidence. After that, the girls purified the shells and in return, the shells give the Winx another clue, which is a riddle for their next mission.

Magical Abilities

The Shimmering Shells have the ability to talk and sing. Their voices are referred to as "the ocean's voices".


  • These creatures' name is also used for an episode title, "The Shimmering Shells".
  • The Shimmering Shells are voiced by Kari Wahlgren.


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