Template:Infobox/ElvesShinobi was a very powerful Elf. He was the great-great-grandfather of Rex.

Personality Profile

A long time before Rex was born, Shinobi was the leader of the Elves. But when the ceiling of the catacombs under Pixieville collapse, Shinobi became crushed under the rubble.

Powers and Abilities

Shinobi used a very powerful staff which increased his powers. His staff is the completely opposite of Ninfea's staff: her power is mostly generated from light, when his power is mostly generated from darkness.Ninfea and Shinobi might be very matched to each other.

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Pop Pixie

When Rex fell into the catacombs, he saw the the staff and the only thing remains from his

Rex destroys Shinobi's arm.

great-great-grandfather: the bones of his right arm. After he climbed out of the catacombs, he showed the power of the staff to the other Elves and destroyed the bones of the arm and made a plan to conquer Pixieville with the "legacy" of Shinobi.


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