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Shiny is a Shinygreed and is Stella's bonded Fairy Animal.


She is a large bird, resembling a canary and/or a phoenix. She has olive-colored eyes with dark purple eye shadows and long eyelashes with a magenta beak. Her plumage is golden outside and light yellow inside. The inside plumage is decorated with violet details. The feathers on her head are orange while some parts are purple. There are collar-like light purple and purple feathers around her neck. Her tail is long and in golden color, with five chain-like decorative feathers in a gradient from purple to deep pink. Her legs are magenta.

In this form, Shiny looks like a full-grown phoenix and her feathers get longer. There are pink feathers on her wings along with some purple feathers on the outside of the wings. Her beak and feet become lavender. The feathers on her neck are now cream-colored and decorated by lavender details. Her decorative feathers are now tricolor: from violet to purple to deep pink. She wears orange footwears and her forehead is attached with light green gems. On her back, there is a dark purple saddle with silver trim.


Just like her bonded fairy, Shiny loves being the center of attention and fashion. She is fond of sparkling, shining, beautiful things as well as jewelries. She seems to have a "crush" on Brandon. Stella describes Shiny as "one of a kind".


Season 7

Stella & Shiny Bonding

Stella bonds with Shiny.

She first appears in "The Alfea Natural Park" as one of creatures captured by Kalshara and her brother in their lair.

She also makes an appearance in " Back in the Middle Ages" still trapped in a cage looking sad and miserable with all the other fairy animals Kalshara and Brafiilius have captured.

It was not until "Winx Trapped", when Musa and the girls followed Critty's communication message when Kalshara abducted her. Upon entering their lair, the Winx decided to follow her except for Stella who followed Shiny instead. In an attempt to bond with the creature, Stella discovered that she was controlled by Brafilius's magic. By trusting Shiny's nature and power, Stella was able to break Shiny free from the spell and the two bonded. With Shiny's help, Stella and the Winx were able to free Critty and the rest of the fairy animals from Kalshara and her brother and joined the students of Alfea in a party taking selfies with Stella.

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