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The Sibillini Mountains are a mountain range found in Italy, in the continent of Europe on Earth.


The region is mountainous and hilly and is covered by a temperate forest.

The Rustic fairies.

Sibylla's cave

Sibylla's cave

Sibylla on throne

Sibylla on her throne

The cave of Sibylla, the Major Fairy of Justice is found in the Sibillini Mountains, at the roots of a very large tree, and it is a safe haven for everyone who asks help from her. The main inhabitants of the Sibillini Mountains are the Rustic Fairies who follow Sibylla.


Sibylla and her Rustic Fairies used to reside there before the Wizards of the Black Circle captured them.


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  • The Sibillini Mountains obtain their name from the Sibyl of Cumae, an ancient priestess who presided over an oracle in the ancient town of Cumae .
  • Sibillini Mountains at Wikipedia.
  • According to Iginio Straffi's official website, he was born in a village near the Sibillini Mountains.
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