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Sibylla is the Major Fairy of Justice who lives in the Sibillini Mountains in Italy with her Rustic Fairies and, as the Major Fairy of Justice, whoever is under her protection is granted protection from everyone else.


Sibylla has long orange hair which is tied in two buns on either side of her head while letting the rest fall. She wears a long purple dress with leaf alike hangings in the middle and light green hangings on her lower arms. Her wings are large gold and lavender with sparkles.


She is bound to her role of Fairy of Justice, meaning she must remain neutral in matters concerning Good and Evil. She also does not does she have the right to tell anyone which path to follow, even when she knows that they are taking the wrong choice. This was why she did not take part in Morgana's Great Revenge of the Fairies.

Out of all the Major Fairies, Sibylla is the kindest and most peaceful. The Rustic Fairies all seem eager to fight when they feel that they need to protect Sibylla.


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