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Silly Plant is a plant given to Vanessa by Eldora on Mother's Day.


It is a light green plant with orange-like hair and a green bulb on its head. This plant has two eyes and arms, but no apparent mouth and nose.


This plant is silly and makes noises. It demands special care and attention and seems lazy because it would not move when the Pixies tried to move it. It also loves to dance.


Season 6

In "Mythix," Eldora is introduced to Vanessa. She comments that today is an appropriate day to meet Bloom's mother, much to Bloom's confusion. Eldora reminds her that it is in fact, Mother's Day right now. She then spells a living magical plant for Vanessa as a gift.

Later, Silly Plant was seen dancing along with the rest of the mothers at Alfea's Mother's Day celebration.


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