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Silver Solo is a former singer and up-and-rising rock star. He has only appeared in the comics and was one of the two people who caused a scandal breakout for Bloom and Sky.


Silver has golden tanned skin, blue eyes and blue short hair that is spiked and flipped onto the right side. He wears a dark blue and dark pink jacket over a darker blue shirt, with a yellow belt and black, shiny pants.

Silver wears a simple blue swim trunks and red sunglasses.


Not much is known about Silver except he does enjoy fame and attention, doing anything, even using other people to get to it. He is not hesitant about using others and will gladly use them as he sees fit.



Silver kisses Bloom for a publicity stunt.

In Magic Holiday, when the Winx and Specialists are invited to join their instructors to Holiday Beach for a vacation but also as a learning experience as their instructors give presentations on their research in magic.

Silver, his fiancée, Beltamy, and his manager set up a plan to help boost their fame. At the beach, the three of them observe the Winx and Specialists, with Silver targeting Bloom. When Bloom and Stella make their way to a store to look at some clothes, Silver sees his chance and goes to greet her, saying that he is a big fan and had wanted to meet her. He then suddenly kisses her and a paparazzi near by takes the photo. Bloom is about to berate him but his fans take notice of him and start asking his autograph. Bloom angrily leaves the scene with Stella.


Silver lies to the media about his relationship with Bloom.

Silver is then interviewed for the alleged kiss he shared with Bloom which is broadcast for all to see. He spreads lies about how he and Bloom are close friends, and also mentions that he had also wanted to kiss a princess. His actions make Bloom even more furious, and causes Sky to not believe her when she said she had nothing to do with it.

Silver and Beltamy's rise to fame and fortune continue to rise as Beltamy also baits Sky into a scandalous shot. That is until Bloom decides to read a magazine that reveals the hotel the two are staying at and along with Stella heads over there.


He and his fiancee are chased out.

While he and Beltamy discuss with their manager on how to gain even more fame using Sky and Bloom, they are unaware that Stella had recorded their conversation with a magic ball. After she gave it to the television station who then broadcasted the recording, he and Beltamy were driven out of the city by their enraged fans, forever ending their careers.


  • Silver is a precious metal. Its chemical element symbol "Ag" comes from the Latin word argentum which itself is derived from Proto-Indo-European word "shiny" or "white".
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