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Sky is the King of Eraklyon, formerly the crown prince and apparent heir to the throne. His mother is Samara, who is the Queen of Eraklyon until Bloom marries into his family and his father is Erendor, King of Eraklyon, who had voluntarily abdicated and given the throne to Sky. He is also a member of the Specialists, recognized to be their leader by Season 6, and is Thoren's cousin.


Sky is a fair skinned young man with blonde hair (his hair has been cut short and swept to the right side in Season 5) and blue eyes. Like the other Specialists, except for Timmy, he has a well-built body that consists of strong arms and a very muscular torso.


  • In Season 1, he wears a pair of blue jeans, blue sneakers and a blue t-shirt with green sleeves.
  • During Season 2, he wears the same outfit as the one in the previous season, however, in Season 3, he changes to a red shirt under a periwinkle jacket, a pair of blue jeans with yellow rings on the knees, and a different pair of blue sneakers.
  • In Season 4 - 7, he wears a yellow and navy blue hoodie over a long-sleeved blue shirt and a pair of white pants with a black belt that has a light blue rectangular buckle.
  • In Season 8, he wears a checkered button-down shirt in dark green and red, on top of which he wears a teal coat, gray jeans and brown shoes.


Sky's uniforms consist of a tight bodysuit, a cape (this was omitted in Season 8) and a blue gem.


Sky has a strong sense of duty that sometimes puts him at odds with Bloom or Riven. Despite this, he is generally seen as a great leader to his peers as they show no problems with having Sky to lead them, with the exception of Riven in Season 6. He is kind towards others and seems to have no problem making friends. He is also quick to spring into action whenever someone needs help which can be seen during the second season, where Sky rushes to free Aisha from acid spit while Bloom could not do anything. Sky also has a strong loyalty towards his kingdom, Eraklyon, even if he does often butt heads with his father. Even though he does not enjoy having to endure royal training, Sky knows that he must go through with it all in order to become a proper king to his people when the time comes.

Sky has a tendency to become jealous, overprotective, and even possessive of Bloom whenever he believes that their relationship is threatened in any way. In Season 4, after learning of Bloom's previous relationship with Andy, Sky becomes somewhat paranoid of the musician and is easily set off whenever he sees Bloom and Andy together. He was genuinely irked by how close they were, though, it could be possible that it was because he was inexperienced with non-royal or Earth mannerisms. In Season 7, Sky even fights with Bloom's bonded fairy animal, Elas, though, it was mainly due to Elas trying to cut into their alone time. Ironically, Sky has also been shown trying to keep his past relationships in the past (namely with Diaspro), but his jealousy can cause him to question Bloom's loyalty to him whenever he feels as if their relationship is in jeopardy.


In Fairy Insider, he is mentioned to be good at sword fighting and driving fast cars.

In Perle, his image can be seen in the end but he is not mentioned.


He is an excellent swordsman. His translucent, blue Phantoblade is styled after a long sword, and he also uses a matching blue phantoshield, a boomerang, a longbow, and a hoverboard (all translucent, either entirely or partly). He is also a competent archer and can fight on the back of a dragon.

In Season 8, he utilizes another new weapon - a double light saber.


  • For the majority of Season 1, Sky switching identities with Brandon is quite similar to what Queen Amidala did in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.
  • He is the only member of the Specialists who came from monarchy rule (as a king).
  • He once thought Bloom was a sailor when she mentioned that she went to Six Flags during the Pixies rescue mission.
  • In the first season, it is shown that Sky has a dog named Lady. He is the only known Specialist to have a pet.
  • He is an accomplished boarder as he was clearly impressed with Aisha's skill.
  • Sky and Bloom are the only ones known to have exes, who are Diaspro and Andy respectively.
  • Sky, Nabu and Aisha had arranged marriages, but unlike Nabu and Aisha's, his went downhill and ended up being called off in favor of Bloom.
  • In the Secret of the Lost Kingdom, the scene where Sky meets Bloom on the Alfea rooftop on his board is similar to that of Aladdin meeting Jasmine on the magic carpet in the Disney movie Aladdin.
  • One of Sky's guardians has a similar appearance to Diaspro.

    Sky's guardian looks like Diaspro.

  • He and Brandon are the strongest of the Specialists.
  • Though they are friends, he has a strong rivalry with Riven.
  • In the fifth season, he is the prince of Eraklyon, but in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, he said that he had his coronation.
  • He and Brandon do not switch identities in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • In Season 5, Bloom said he is the best Wind Rider at Red Fountain.
  • Sky is the first and only Specialist in the series to enter the Infinite Ocean.
    • He and Helia are the only Specialists known to have gone to another dimension besides Earth. Helia has entered the Legendarium World and Sky has entered the Infinite Ocean.
  • Sky and Helia are the only Specialists to change their hairstyles.
  • In Season 7, he is jealous of Elas, but they later make up and become friends.
  • Sky's DuArt voice actor also voices Smee and Cliff from World of Winx.
  • He shares his birthday along with Roxy which is March 20.