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The Snow Book is book introduced in Season 5 and found in Alfea's Magic Archive.


The book is light blue, decorated silver curves, where its edges are outlined in blue, on its corners. The top center has a blue, filled in circle, the bottom center is an unfilled circled. The curved designs and circles are repeated on the back of the book. In the center is a large, whitish blue six-pointed snowflake. A smaller version of this snowflake is on the book's spine.


This book contains the elemental powers of water but in its crystalline, flurry form: snow. When opened it releases large amounts of snow.


Season 5


After Robo-Tecna closes the Wind Book, she heads onto this book and opens it, continuing her search for the Sirenix Book. This book then releases a powerful snowstorm, blanketing the entire archive and burying Stella, Musa, and Bloom. Aisha and Flora, who were able to get away fast enough, are now battling the strong winds. Aisha manages to close the book however. The book then falls onto the snow in front of Stella where she comments on how not realizing how troublesome it was to just open a book.


  • All three elemental books (wind, snow, and water) have the same decorative curves and circles.
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