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The Snow Monster is a huge beast that resided on the Domino.


The Snow Monster has furry fur and big tusks. It has icicles on its back.


Season 1

In "Mission to Domino," he is an obstacle for the Winx on their way to Domino Palace. The Snow Monster attacks the Winx with several blizzards and makes a crevice in the ground. Later, he reappears but the Winx defeat it by combining their powers.


Winx Club

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The Snow Monster roaring.

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Magical Abilities

The Snow Monsters has ice-based powers.


  • The Snow Monster was likely inspired by the legendary creature called the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman, which is commonly depicted as a large furry ape-like creature living in the snowy regions of the Himalayas, Tibet and Siberia.
  • The Snow Monster's tusks were likely inspired by those of the Woolly Mammoth which lived in the Ice Age.
  • The Snow Monster might also have been inspired by the wampa, an ape-like carnivorous creature with white fur from the Star Wars universe.
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