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The Snow Queen is a fictional character in the Legendarium World in Season 6.


The Snow Queen has silver hair that is tied into two loops and meets at the center of her head. She also wears a light blue crown with that has pointy tops. She wears a blue gown with white cotton sleeves, and also wears blue bracelets. The upper part of her gown is light blue, and turns to dark blue on the way down, along with cotton at the end.


Season 6

In "The Curse of Fearwood", Icy asks Selina to find a legend that she can portray to enter the Legendarium World and lock Flora and Helia in it. Icy then freezes Helia and kidnaps him.

In "The Magic Totem", Icy as the Snow Queen continues her chase with Flora. With Flora's special spell, she left the Legendarium World along with Helia and the Magic Totem. Later in the episode, she follows them into the real world and froze Fearwood over, but Flora uses one of her unique spells to reverse Icy's spell on Fearwood, on Helia and to defeat her.

Magical Abilities

She has the ability to throw icicles and snow. Her snow can form ice pillars. Also, she can freeze anything and decrease the temperature even lower. She can manipulate anything in her domain. According to Daphne, not even the magic of the Dragon's Flame can melt the ice that she can evoke.


Similar to her legend, she is strong at winter and weak at spring. Meaning, Flora's nature spell may defeat her.


  • The Snow Queen is a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen.
    • In The Snow Queen tale, a piece of an evil mirror enters in the heart of a boy named Kai and turns him evil, and the Snow Queen then takes him with her in her carriage to her palace. Icy, as the Snow Queen, similarly freezes Helia's heart and does evil deeds.
  • Along with Ariadne, Minotaur, Gargantua and the Bride of Frankenstein, she was one of the legendary characters whose legend was not read out loud by Selina.
  • Her legendary character was portrayed by Icy.
  • The Snow Queen is the only legend that was seen crossing from the Legendarium World to the real world.
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